Making change a natural part of your business

Are you facing a challenging time, affected by external factors like economic changes, resourcing issues, customer trends or competitors? Or are internal issues getting you down? Poor productivity, limited profit, low staff morale or talent leaving?

Then ‘Change’ is required.

To be a healthy, robust business, leaders – starting at the top, must embrace change.

They need to challenge their status quo to grow and adapt to an ever-changing world. That includes themselves!

But what – and how? And what about the difficulties and resistance ‘change’ often brings?

Well, if handled correctly Change is exciting, revitalising. It brings new opportunities and positivity.

An that’s where we come in – helping you lead the changes you need to thrive in a dynamic environment. Creating resilience and flexibility to help your business survive the next oncoming storm.

From Consultancy to our Adventurous Leadership Retreat – we’ve got the solution for you. Helping you to unleash the extraordinary power within you and your Senior Leadership Team, to unlock your full potential as visionary leaders to drive business growth!

What we do

In short, here at Jane Fisher Associates, we make change happen! We are the change-makers. Specialists in leading change, we bring objectivity to identify the issues in your business by ‘flipping your organisational iceberg’.

With infectious enthusiasm, we deliver tangible impact to help increase people Positivity, Productivity and business Profit. We work closely with our clients to embed strategies to enable the organisation to forge ahead with innovation and change, their people confident and aligned behind the organisational vision.

With empowering and inspiring people at the heart of what we do, we are always actively involved. We lead strategic and leadership improvements through small yet powerful steps that are both achievable and sustainable. Offering flexible Support Packages – from quick-win quality improvement coaching to slower-burn transformational change projects, we’ll create impact to drive your business forward.

The benefits

Be more productive

Our team makes sure your resources are being used in the most effective ways. Reducing operating costs and making even the most ambitious targets achievable.

Improve the experience for everyone

With happier, less stressed, motivated and empowered people, the sky’s the limit. We’ll release capacity and develop the skills of your people to improve their working environment, help retain key talent, and offer a better client experience.

The JFA Way

A unique blend of skills and support

We blend consultation, facilitation, mentoring and people development to deliver bespoke packages of support.

A self-sustaining ‘problem-solving’ methodology

We work with you, developing organisational resilience and agility – so you can survive the future once we’ve left the building.

We roll our sleeves up

We’re always ‘hands-on’ – whether on-site or working remotely. We love working collaboratively with our clients’ teams – from the front line to senior leaders.

People-focused change

With our educational ethos, we empower your people, from top to bottom, to contribute, take ownership, develop new skills and gain confidence.

Jane Fisher Associates – Further Information:

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