Adventurous Leadership

Put the spirit of adventure back into your leadership

The Adventurous Leadership Programme©

Our Adventurous Leadership Programme© has two aims:

Aim 1: To enable leaders to identify their purpose, navigate current challenges and rekindle their spirit of adventure, helping them to get their work-life balance back in check. It helps them discover the true nature of their leadership and put the bounce back into their step, supporting them to refocus and rediscover the joy of leading once more.

Aim 2. To help leaders develop the Adventurer’s attitudes, skills and strategies to successfully seek and identify new opportunities, take risks and overcome organisational challenges. Through strategies that galvanise their people and steer them on the right path, the leader is once more in control, able to drive the business forward by creating an energetic, positive culture of change and innovation.

As your accountable partner, we’ll work with you to create a bespoke journey that will transform your individual situation, be this to address aim 1, 2 or both.

The Adventurous Leadership Retreat – Iceland

for leaders serious about driving business growth!

We are now taking bookings for our Autumn 2023 Adventurous Leadership Retreat. For further details, please check out out our information video .

Come along along and:

  • Immerse yourself in Iceland’s captivating raw beauty, where personal and professional growth converge.
  • Engage in a tailored programme that will spark thought-provoking discussions, challenge your thinking and explore pragmatic strategies to drive innovation and change.
  • Experience awe-inspiring landscapes and revitalising activities to stimulate reflection and analysis, fuel innovative thinking, and boost your energy.
  • Elevate your potential, unleash your capabilities, and emerge as adventurous leaders, ready to propel growth and a lasting impact.

To discover more, please contact us via phone or email.

Hop on board!

Create a journey to remember

Prepare for the Adventure

  • Plan the route
  • Explore yourself and your destination
  • Let go of expectation; become more expansive
  • Prepare for the Journey; commitment & kit bag
  • Plan the route
  • Allow for detours & adventures

Start the Journey

  • Learn new techniques
  • Feel into new terrain
  • Experience new climbs
  • Embrace new vistas
  • Expand horizons
  • Navigate obstacles

Check Points

  • Evaluate your position
  • On track?
  • Take necessary detours

Onwards to Base Camp

  • Debrief
  • Learning
  • Implementation
  • Next Steps
  • Sign off

We’ll provide the guide, your compass and route map, so you can focus on the experience


Personal Development

Retreat Inspiration

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