Ready to look at things differently?
It’s time to flip the iceberg

Nothing is too big to change
If you look at things the right way

At JFA we look at things a bit differently. Because we’re curious. Inquisitive.
We look at your business as an iceberg. We all know the analogy. We all know you only see the bit at the very top. And what’s underneath, is well, a mystery.

It’s why whatever the situation we always flip your organisational iceberg to explore the operational cracks that lurk beneath the surface. Often ‘invisible’ to the team and hidden in the day-to-day operations. Sometimes, the challenges are simply being ignored.

Jane Fisher: Iceberg

We step onboard your iceberg, dig deep to survey its depths and identify the fissures that need addressing.

Sometimes there is an obvious primary issue that stands out. That can be dealt with speedily within a team or department- a Quality Improvement ‘quick win’ – our single fissure approach.

In other instances, the challenges under the surface are larger, needing a longer-term, multi-faceted ‘fix’ to create wider organisational changes – one chunk at a time; a slower burn transformation. Our multi fissure approach.

In either case, we work with you to identify the challenges, determine the most effective solution and implement strategies to plug the gaps. Please see our Support Packages for further details.

The Benefits


Your people will be happier and less stressed. With a combination of more effective leadership and the development of new skills, staff motivation and job satisfaction increase, whilst retention rises and sick days reduce.


A more motivated, better led and better skilled team can do more. So look forward to increased team capacity and increased volume of activity.


This is a win/win for everyone. We’ll help you create a better staff and client experience, leading to fewer complaints and more direct client facing time.


We’ll show you how your resources could be used better, stock control improved, and operational costs reduced.

Contact us now to find out how we can identify your organisational challenges and repair the fissures

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