The people-first approach

Investing in your people is investing in your business

Leadership and management development

Our comprehensive suite of development programmes, combined with our ethos of everyday coaching and up-skilling, will get your managers and team working efficiently and effectively.

We don’t believe in delivering training that’s forgotten about as soon as your colleagues return to their desks. We give you action plans and follow-ups to ensure lasting improvements and change.

We will:

  • provide a range of customised, facilitated one-to-one coaching, workshops and development programmes, with action planning and follow up
  • support newly appointed managers, those in need of a refresh and aspiring leaders
  • offer a mix and match service selecting the development most beneficial to you and your team
  • deliver employee skills needs audits, development plans and internal programme development.

Adaptability is our strength

Neither Covid-19 or distance is a barrier. All our programmes can be delivered remotely via video-conferencing or even face-to-face with social-distancing measures in place.

Executive coaching for leaders and managers

Our one-to-one executive coaching programme offers leaders and managers an opportunity to take time out of the everyday hustle and bustle of their jobs, and reflect on their roles considering the external, internal and personal factors that affect their lives.

Coaching provides individuals with the opportunity to take control over their own development, to clarify goals and explore the options available to them objectively, facilitated by their coach. And, supported by their coach, individuals identify the changes they wish to make and determine the pathways they wish to take, to enable them to achieve their ultimate goals and potential.

Contact us now for a chat to explore how our coaching programmes can help you or your teams to improve their leadership capabilities.

Mentoring for leaders, managers & agents of change

Our one-to-one and one-to-small group mentoring programmes provide the ideal opportunity for leaders, managers and agents of change to explore and improve their strategies and processes, see opportunities and identify solutions to issues, as well as hone their skills around leading, managing or implementing change and quality improvement initiatives.

Contact us now for a chat to explore how we can support you and your teams through mentoring to help you improve and succeed in implementing change.

Leading quality improvement

This series of workshops provides insights, approaches and examples of lean quality improvements:

  • Lean Awareness
  • A3 Thinking
  • PDCA Cycle
  • Waste Elimination & TIMWOODS
  • 5S and the Organised Workplace
  • Visual Management & Performance Management Boards

Contact us now for a chat, to help navigate you on a journey towards organisational quality improvement.

21st century leadership programme

Are you and your leadership teams ready to weather the next storm? Do you need to adapt your approach to be ahead of the curve, develop business resilience and thrive in challenging circumstances? Well, our 21st Century Leadership programme will get you thinking ‘outside the box’, and explore an entrepreneurial approach that reaps rewards. Four modules are available:

  • Leading Strategic Change and Innovation
    Explore the concept and skill set of the Intrapreneur learning to envisage, communicate and successfully transition individuals through business innovation and change, helping to inspire and empower others, whilst developing resilience, agility and growth of the business
  • Delivering Strategic Change and Innovation
    Learn how effective strategies can be created, determining optimum innovation and change opportunities, and applying appropriate change management strategies and tools
  • Improving Productivity
    Appreciate how time and ultimately cost savings can be generated within the business, and determine opportunities and solutions for continuous operational improvements that benefits staff and clients to facilitate success of the business
  • Personal Development and Well-being
    A self-coaching module using our RIDFEAR® methodology that helps individuals experiencing change determine what they want, from both life and their careers, and then establish how to achieve that.

Contact us now for a chat to discover how your leaders can develop into leaders for the 21st Century, to help take your organisation to the next level.

Stepping up into management

This series of workshops address the fundamentals required to lead, motivate and manage others to ensure the needs of the organisation are met. The series includes:

  • The Principles of Management
  • Managing People and Teams
  • Managing Professional Effectiveness
  • Managing Change
  • Managing Quality Improvement
  • Personal Profiles for Individuals and Managers using DiSC®

Contact us now for a chat to discover the benefits to your managers of our Stepping Up into Management series.

Psychometric profiling with DiSC®

DiSC® is recognised as the leading personal assessment tool used by over 1 million people every year to improve work productivity, teamwork and communication. It’s a non-judgemental tool used to discuss people’s behavioural differences. Profile types covered are:

  • Workplace Profile
  • Management Profile
  • Sales Profile
  • Work of Leaders Profile
  • 363 for Leaders Profile
  • Follow up and comparison reports

Contact us now for a chat to discover how you and your teams can adapt approaches to become more effective team players, managers and leaders.


A revolutionary self-coaching programme to help individuals within an organisation manage change, achieve their personal goals, reduce anxiety and stress and have a more positive impact on an organisation’s performance.

Contact us now for a chat to discover how the RIDFEAR programme can help prepare your team members to manage change confidently for the benefit of all.

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