Helping you take the small steps that make a big difference

How we do it

The how is just as important as the who and the why.
Because with JFA, how we do it is different to many others.

So, what sets us apart?

We don’t just do top level consultancy. All theory and very little practice.

We don’t just do people development, engagement and empowerment.

We do both and everything in between. Carefully blending together all the skills, tools, knowledge and hand-on expertise you need to make change happen.

Sometimes it’s big transformative projects that look at the long-term picture. Sometimes its quick wins and small changes that can make all the difference. Whatever the situation, the best approach is always one that brings the right skills, drive and energy, at just the right times. So that’s what we do.

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A people-first approach

New processes and procedures can add much-needed structure to change, but it’s always the people who drive it.

Whatever the issue, whatever the support package, at JFA we take a people-first approach, involving key stakeholders from all levels of the organisation, to identity, deliver and inspire change. After all, we never forget that it is the people within the organisation who have the knowledge and experience of what works and what doesn’t.

We then work with your people to develop the skills and abilities needed to drive the changes.

A flexible approach

No ‘one-size’ fits all. No ‘off the shelf’ packages. Everything we do is tailored to our clients’ needs.

Flexible as possible, we’ll deliver remotely or on-site, and even explore opportunities to support you out of ‘9-5’ office hours, such as at the weekend or in the evening, to accommodate your team’s shifting work patterns.

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