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Outside Inset: partnering with business to deliver outstanding professional development

Academy and maintained schools can be stressful places to work, even under normal circumstances – never mind having to cope with unprecedented issues like the coronavirus pandemic.

Teachers and learners alike face daily challenges alongside uncertainty about the future. Confidence and morale have been affected, particularly as our next generation depend upon their teachers to find a route through these difficult times.

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  • Are you looking for ways to help your teams thrive day to day, as well as in challenging circumstances?
  • Do you feel the time has come for a new way to support and develop your leaders and teams?
  • Are you ready to explore a different perspective, and discover an opportunity to bounce back from the disruption around us?

If yes – then read on.

Outside Inset is THE alternative approach to teacher CPD

Break from past approaches to release the hidden talents within your team with the help of our experts from the world of business.

Our change-makers share their strategies, skills and mindsets to meet the needs of school leaders who want to create a dynamic organisation, whose staff flourish whatever the situation.

Our facilitators and trainers are not teachers or educationalists. They bring an external perspective into your academic environment, using powerful, tried and tested strategies to benefit all.

Programmes are tailored to your needs, as every organisation is different. Every session we deliver is distinct – designed to meet the most challenging budget. They’re not off-the-shelf solutions or your traditional National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL) programmes. They’re unique. A blend of innovative, inspirational and interactive programmes shaped by our professional business network offering learning from other contexts.

From bite-size, quick win sessions to whole Inset days, our programmes can be delivered on-site or remotely. Starting from £325 (excl. VAT), we’ll explore and work with you, to develop a programme that meets your staff development aspirations.

Contact us now for a chat to discover more about our refreshing approach to teacher CPD.

Develop invincible leadership

Aimed at current and aspiring leaders, our programmes hone their skills to develop a responsive and dynamic leadership team – unfazed by any challenge. We support leaders and managers to understand their fellow colleagues, and the relationship of their individual goals to those of the group.

We enable individuals to explore different leadership approaches that can transform individual, team and organisational potential into reality – a key requisite in challenging times. To develop leadership that inspires and motivates; provides guidance and direction; helps manage a crisis in an unflappable and reassuring way. Leadership that can adopt new ways of seeing, thinking and interacting to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions. Leadership that embraces authenticity and emotional intelligence to empower and support others.

So, we’ll help your captains and officers to be the leading lights of their ship, keeping their team and learners on the best possible course, even through perilous waters.

Contact us now and uncover a new direction for your leadership development.

Build an invincible team

Our workshops explore and demonstrate what happens when people start to experience the connection and power of working effectively together. Whether via video-calls or in the room experiences, we’ll ensure fun is had by all!

Every teacher at your school has plenty of strengths … and maybe a weakness or two. Together they make up your accomplished crew; individuals who want and need to work together constructively. The ethos of the whole Academy or individual school can transform quickly: from a collection of individuals striving to achieve and impress to an open, creative exchange that impacts massively on the wellbeing of both teachers and learners.

With interactive and innovative workshops, like our novelle Ukulele Experience, you’ll witness first hand what happens when everyone’s a learner and ready to build an effective team together, creatively.

Contact us now to put in place the corner stones to build your invincible team.

Support your staff wellbeing

We offer a range of preventative and solution-focused workshops to help your people thrive, as people are at the heart of the school. For the organisation to grow, individuals need to be nurtured with support to help them flourish. Positive wellbeing with healthy minds not only improve staff motivation and productivity, but impact on learner wellbeing too.

With disruption and uncertainty thrown up by the pandemic – added to an already a challenging job, every member of staff will react in their own way: anxiety, sleep problems, lack of concentration, withdrawal – just some of the common mental health reactions.

So, with a focus on making ‘every day a good day’, our creative and engaging workshops explore these common mental health reactions. And, using a range of easily accessible, tools and techniques, our sessions lead participants through simple strategies for coping, whilst building their mental strength and resilience. So, when asked, “Have you had a good day?”, their answer can, more often than not become, “Yes!”.

Contact us now to embed a wellbeing infrastructure to support your people

Embed a culture embracing change

Our sessions focus on three areas, helping: senior leaders ‘lead’ change within their school; leaders manage the change process; individuals to self-coach their way through change. The net result: people engaged in the change process, feeling positive, and open to the opportunities change can bring.

In today’s ever-changing world, to be successful, organisations need to be resilient, innovative, and able to adapt. This is true whatever the sector. In the current climate, leaders and managers face even greater challenges than ever before; they need strategies and solutions to overcome obstacles, uncertainties and fears. They must lead the change and manage it. Yet all staff must play their part; they need to embrace change, develop personal resilience and perspective, and rebuild their confidence to achieve personal success.

Together, we’ll support your leaders and their individual teams to create a place that is more flexible; where openness reduces the fear of the unknown and helps create trust; where members of the community thrive on change, not simply survive or even suffer through it.

Contact us now to build the capability of your people so that they can embrace change, and challenge the status quo.

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