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I wanted my business to grow, so enlisted Jane’s consultancy support to help me define my strategy.

We started our 2-day session around my vision, mission, values, expertise and uniqueness – including a ‘big picture thinking’ and a ‘shoot to the moon’ ideate session! It was fun, exciting and motivating exploring all the potential opportunities my business holds.

We deep-dived to analyse all aspects of the business and systematically worked on the strategy, breaking it down into smaller chunks, whilst referring back to my vision and values to ensure it aligned.

Jane also helped me think about my messaging and marketing tools, as well as quick wins.

On a personal level, Jane is approachable, professional, enthusiastic and focussed. And her approach? Well, she’s a mentor, coach and consultant – 3 in 1!

I highly recommend Jane if you’re looking for business strategy support.

Louise Demetriou, Founder & MD - Louise Demetriou Consultancy & Coaching

I enlisted the support of Jane to help me get some clarity around the future direction of my business. I had lots of ideas but felt drawn in different directions which was stopping me from being clear to clients around my offering.

The strategy day with Jane helped me to lay it all out but draw me closer to my passion and the heart of what I really want to do. Jane had a calm demeanour and knew when and where to gently challenge.  By the end of the day, we were able to put some structure around my thoughts and produce the beginning of a plan to take forward. I was very excited about the process, and I was not disappointed!

Elaine Morris, Founder - Curious Edge

I’ve been working with Jane for 6 months. Its been an absolute game changer for me. I felt overwhelmed and unsure how to take the business to the next level. With Jane’s help I’ve been able to gain clarity over my vision for the business, identify my goals, targets and core values for the business.

Jane has helped to develop a strategy that’s tailored towards my business, breaking down my goals into smaller achievable steps.

One thing that has helped me progress further is the Accountability sessions. As a business I have loads of ideas and how to grow my ideas, but a lack of confidence stops me implementing these. With Jane’s guidance I have started to implement these ideas and I am now reaping the benefits – both financially for the business and in my ability to drive my business to the next level.

Would highly recommend.

Karl Fletcher, Co-owner - Yorkshire Lawncare

I worked with Jane on a change management programme following a period of rapid growth and rapid recruitment. Jane had a massive impact on XSEM as she really dug deep and helped really bring our values to light. Jane is extremely focused and her capacity to get things implemented was infectious. The team really warmed to Jane and her approach, the change that she helped drive through in our culture in a 6-month period was remarkable. I look forward to working with Jane on future projects and I would highly recommend her to any of my contacts.

Michael Gwilliam, Commercial Director - Xsem Ltd

I worked with Jane as part of a change management process, she made an immediate and impressive impact to the business. She is extremely diligent and her can do attitude has been infectious across the business and I would thoroughly recommend her in any similar type of engagement

Ben Sabberton, Finance Director - Xsem Ltd

It is hard in primary care with 6 practices working in different ways – sometimes it can be challenging to try and get people to work in an aligned way but this was not evident at all on this programme. Everybody pulled together without undue challenges. Everyone has really tried to work together, to learn and progress.

PPG meeting was really good and thank you [Jane] for doing this – it was fabulous output.

I think the carers project was a real success and we’ve got something that we can build on and more we can do around it to build a more resilient solution for these people who are doing what is a very difficult job.

We have been dormant as a federation and this programme has been a kickstart to moving forwards again and helped us to build trust.

Massive thank you for everything you’ve done [Jane] – without your support we wouldn’t have been able to achieve as much.

Beth Frankland (PCN Lead) - West Wakefield Health and Wellbeing Primary Care Network

Involvement in the sessions made me feel like I have made an impact on my own work. It has made me feel more confident within myself and to speak up if I have an opinion/suggestion – right or wrong. I have enjoyed these sessions, meeting new people, gaining new ideas and stepping out of my comfort zone. I’m looking forward to going back to my practice and implementing all the new ideas. I have really enjoyed the sessions run by Jane. She has been very good facilitating the group, always listening and encouraging us to share ideas.

Stephanie Bennett: Lead Receptionist @ Chapelthorpe - West Wakefield Health and Wellbeing Primary Care Network

It was very informative and helpful. Jane was very enthusiastic about this project and enabled us to put our thoughts and views across in a positive manner. At no time did she make us feel our comments were not worthy. This was so very reassuring for us as reception and admin staff.

Gail Murray: Receptionist @ Orchard Croft - West Wakefield Health and Wellbeing Primary Care Network

I found the sessions really interesting – it’s always good to hear other people’s takes on day to day duties.

Emma: Admin @ Chapelthorpe - West Wakefield Health and Wellbeing Primary Care Network

Jane helped me with an EU grant application. I was really impressed by the way she asked about my business and the idea to make sure she completely understood it, then took my ramblings and fashioned them into an application that was professional, coherent, well presented and was praised by expert assessors. All done in a short timescale too. I won’t hesitate to turn to Jane immediately for anything similar, and strongly recommend her!

Nigel Greenwood – Director, Simply Customer

Jane actively promoted our opportunities to her local education contacts which has been extremely helpful in allowing us to develop our existing community engagement programmes in the Humber region, where previously it was non-existent.

Celeste Armitage – Added Value Coordinator, Esh Group

Thank you for your very comprehensive research [Evaluation] into an area of work that was complex and difficult to directly compare. You managed to get a good grasp of what had happened over a number’of years and pull the information together to analyse, despite various differences in the information we had available.

Becca Gamble – 14-19 (24 LLDD) Project Manager, Barnsley MBC

Your professional organisation and delivery of consultation sessions directed at businesses and strategic investors allowed for full input and concerns of the participants to be acknowledged and reflected in the framework’s core.

Victoria Isaac – Contract Manager Employment Services, HCUK Training

We had many positive comments from staff on the support JFA gave and saw improved delivery to meet our clients’ needs as a consequence. It was a pleasure working with Jane.

Robert Adams – Quality Improvement Manager, East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Jane has the drive and passion to take a job from initial concept to final product in an effective and efficient way. Her skills set spans the management and co-ordination of projects to the strategic implementation of planning and policy.

Paul Townsley – Director, PLUS Skills Development Ltd

Jane is a great asset to our team, providing expertise and resourcefulness to lead initiatives and engage others in the process. Being extremely efficient, reliable and quick to understand the business, she delivers results with huge positivity and enthusiasm.

Peter Nabridnyj - Co-Founder, Xefro Ltd

I have worked with Jane on different projects. I always approaches her work with enthusiasm and with a strong commitment to achieving high quality outputs. Jane is exceptional at Project Management characterised by her ability: to communicate with a wide range of stakeholders across all sectors; to organise and deliver high quality events which bring people together to plan and move project ideas forward; to work flexibly to changing needs and environments. Jane is highly professional in her approach to her customers and her work, and has a determination to achieve beyond expectations. She brings to her work her friendly manner and her ability to be very supportive of the development of others.

Diane Hinchliffe – Emotional Health & Wellbeing Practitioner

Jane recently came to lead a 2-day project management course at our National Support office in Bradford for a group of our managers and project leaders. We found Jane’s personable approach to be highly informative and she gave us some great tools to use in future projects. A good amount of time was spent applying theories learnt directly into projects that we were responsible for. We will certainly be applying our training and the tools that we have been given to our future projects.

Tim Morfin – Chief Executive, TL

Jane brings a wealth of skills and experience to the party. I’d unreservedly recommend JFA’s services.

Andy Crossland Chief Executive, Humber Learning Consortium

Working collaboratively with us, Jane’s creative and dynamic approach drove this project forward with gusto.

Beryl Henshaw, MD, Business & Education Together

Jane is focused on providing the best result that fits with your objective and goes the extra mile to provide a successful outcome. Brimming with ideas and contacts, Jane responds to any task with enthusiasm and has helped us achieve great progress.

Mike Everitt – formerly Director, Business Support York & North Yorkshire Ltd

From the outset Jane was instrumental in understanding our business and liaised with key stakeholders to produce events that were tailored for our region’s schools and promoted the free resources that Siemens are able to share. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and we were able to trust in Jane’s local knowledge and network to ensure Siemens and schools gained the most out of the events.

Carolyn Woolway - HR Lead, Siemens Project in Hull

I worked with Jane to help me complete a tender proposal. Throughout the process Jane offered impartial, professional advice and was a stickler for detail. Having someone to bounce ideas off and keep me on track was invaluable and the process was a huge success. Jane is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her support for anyone going through a tender process.

Andrew Firth - Director, Ascensor Ltd

Jane worked with us over approx. 8 weeks coordinating the GP Improvement scheme and the GP Resilience Programme. She worked with the whole team from GPs and Management to Admin and Reception. We found her knowledge and input invaluable. She was organised and professional but all whilst being approachable and flexible with an excellent understanding of the pressures of General Practice. The outcomes of the work we did were presented in high quality and meaningful reports produced by Jane which have certainly given us a plan to work to and some clear aims and objectives which sometimes in your day to day practice life you just do not have the time to think about. It was a pleasure working with Jane and I would highly recommend any practice to take the opportunity to work with Jane.

Lynn Crutwell – Practice Manager, The Glen Medical Group

Jane has been of huge assistance to us as a business helping us not only fully understand what we needed but also in the delivery of our workshops and workshop materials. At the end of 2016 we identified the need to help our staff better understand their impact on customer service within our organisation and decided we wanted to run a company-wide workshop. Jane helped us map out what we wanted to achieve and how we could achieve this through the workshops. She then sat down with a number of our team and agreed the content and assisted in a train the trainer programme. Finally, she completed a run through session and assisted our internal trainers with how they would deliver this to our employees. In all Jane has been 1st class and a constant source of assistance.

Matthew Wilkinson – Head of Sales & Marketing, Yorwaste

I worked with Jane on a large County Council tender with a quite a complicated structure due to there being sub-contractors involved. Jane was very methodical, showed an interest and passion for the work we do and project managed my team to a very high standard. I have nothing but good words to say and would recommend using her to anyone. Her understanding of how County Council procurement works was second to none.

Damian Howarth – Stuarts Foods Ltd

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