Adventurous Leadership: being the inspiring communicator

Exploring the need for successful leaders of change to be inspiring communicators, leading others effectively, like adventurers do.

There’s a vast difference between communicating and talking. Just ask any great leader. Just ask any adventurer of explorer.

They know that effective communication is vital for gaining trust, aligning efforts in the pursuit of goals, and inspiring positive change.

They know that when communication is lacking, important information can be misinterpreted and misunderstood, causing relationships to suffer and ultimately, creating barriers that hinder progress.

They know that great communication is about so much more than just talking. Sometimes it isn’t about talking at all. It’s about listening and encouraging others to have their say, whilst also trying to understand others’ perspectives on the situation.

However, it’s one thing to talk about being a great communicator and why it’s so important for leaders at all levels.

So, what about the context of effectively and successfully delivering change initiatives?

To be an excellent leader in challenging environments and times of change, a leader’s ability to inspire their people is an essential requisite to achieve their teams’ buy in – to take their people willingly on that journey ahead, knowing it may very well be a bumpy rise, with many a peak and trough.

They know how to relate to colleagues at all levels across their organisation, not just their direct team. Their skills mean people naturally trust and follow them, believing and understanding the need for the journey, that change.

Successful leaders of change are not afraid to paint the picture of what may happen without it. They know how to share the need, the story, even if it’s not exactly what people might want to hear.

To lead people through change and innovation needs inspiring talk and behaviours. Our articulate leaders of change therefore bring their vision alive through stories and verbal pictures, infectious enthusiasm radiating from their presence and skilful communication.

They also offer clarity and consistency in their messaging.

Their dialogue radiates honesty and openness, showing commitment to their values, whilst also demonstrating the behaviours expected of others. Their transparency and authenticity are evident to all.

They appreciate that every team member or colleagues’ motivations will be different, so they are able to tailor their communication accordingly.

They seek to involve others from all corners of the organisation, asking for views, opinions, and feedback. They encourage people to participate in the various discussions and ensure that everyone has a voice – especially those who are reticent to speak up.

Successful change leaders also speak openly to all colleagues about the company’s goals, opportunities, and challenges and tough times ahead, building trust and fostering an environment where employees feel empowered to share their ideas and collaborate to help move the organisation forwards.

When a leader is a great communicator, their people are encouraged and stimulated. The whole organisational community knows clearly what it’s working towards, how it will get there and the part each person and team will play in achieving that success. Even on the toughest of journeys

But, when a leader’s ability to communicate is lacking in the organistion, the impact can be devastating leading to:

  • A poor culture of engagement and loyalty where teams don’t know what is happening across the business, understand their purpose or are encouraged to collaborate and innovate.
  • A general lack of confidence among the workforce who never receive feedback or important updates
  • Higher levels of stress among staff who might experience miscommunication because of poor communication and engagement processes
  • Poor processes that are never challenged or improved resulting in a lack of profitability

So if you would like to become more adventurous in your leadership, to become a more inspiring leader to help ensure your organisation can thrive, including through the tough times, we can help.

JFA’s Adventurous Leadership programme supports executives and leaders to explore their own ‘spirit of adventure’, attitudes, skills and strategies needed to create a thriving culture of change and innovation to lead their organisation to greater success in the stunning setting of an international residential.

Come and join us on a voyage of discovery and conquer your leadership potential!

We’ll provide the guide, the compass and the route map, leaving you to focus completely on your experience.

For more information about our Adventurous Leadership programmes, simply gives us a ring or drop us a line – see our contacts below on the website.

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