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Services: Implementing Changes – Tendering Process

The Challenge:

For many years, the Choices and Rights Disability Coalition had been successfully delivering a programme of support for people with disabilities for the local Council.

They were great at what they did – and still do. However, things were about to change.

The programme of support was to be put out to tender in the near future. This was a huge step change for the organisation. And the team did not have the skill set nor the potential capacity at this point in time to write a competitive tender.

Our approach
Creating a cost-effective, valued-added service that’s sustainable.

We’re proud of our educational ethos. We’re also great believers in delivering sustainable support for businesses. Whether they are, public, private or third sector organisations.

For Choices and Rights we wanted to find a solution that would give them a cost-effective and value-added approach that would maximise their investment.

In addition, through initial exploratory discussions with the manager, we identified that there was also an opportunity to expand and diversify the charity’s offering through searching for other tender opportunities.

We delivered a full day workshop to meet their needs. The focus was to:

  • Identify where tender contracts can be found
  • Demonstrate how to search for tenders
  • Explain the Tender Process
  • Identify what makes a good Tender response
  • Guide Choices & Rights colleagues on how to write successful Tender applications
  • Draft some sample questions for forthcoming Tenders

The Results:

At the end of the day, the team were delighted with the workshop. Six members of staff were significantly more confident in their ability to write an effective tender response. Plus, they were able to draft quality method statements for key questions posed within a tender.

The team worked through some of the key questions to develop their skills and have subsequently written further ‘standard’ or ‘model’ answers to modify for future tenders.


“Jane came to work with our organisation to enable our staff to develop skills in tendering for new and existing services. The training she delivered was excellent and this has enabled our staff to look at developing new projects and services to support disabled people.

One key factor in our decision to use Jane was that she didn’t simply want to write bids for us, but wanted to enable us to develop our skills, so that we were more self-sufficient. This approach was very refreshing and forward thinking and is a credit to her ethics and credibility.

Our team also found Jane very approachable, friendly and she had clearly taken time to understand what our organisation did and the reasons behind our approach.”

Mark Baggley
Manager, Choices and Rights Disability Coalition (Hull and East Riding)

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