General Practices across England

Developing organisational resilience in an over-stretched service.
Leading small steps to big improvements: the PDCA way.

Services: Lean Management + People Management: Productive General Practice (NHS Programme delivery)

The Challenge:

General Practices are facing significant challenges as the capacity to offer appointments is stretched to limits to meet the ever-increasing demand, as populations grow. Opportunities to release GP capacity through innovative service delivery as well as streamlined and more effective processes, are sought to address the balance between capacity and demand. Lean Management principles are applied across many aspects of this programme.

Our approach:

Jane Fisher has supported practices across England, from the North East to London, as part of this innovative programme as a consultant coach for KM&T as well as Qualitas Consultancy companies. The PGP programme helps general practice continue to deliver high quality care whilst meeting increasing levels of demand and diverse expectations. It helps practices to put the patient, clinician and practice team at the centre of improvement to create a timely, appropriate and dependable response to patient needs. Implementing the programme engages all staff in the practice in improving their work processes, making it possible to release time to invest in improving patient outcomes and staff wellbeing.

The Results:

“We are actively using the workforce planning spreadsheet we developed as part of GPIP. We have further developed this to have an overview of all six sites but then individual “hub working” so that we can see the impact of holidays and other forecast absences globally but also on individual sites. It has given us a much better insight into capacity planning for the clinical workforce and enables to focus expenditure on locums to exactly when we need them, planned ahead. This should save money in the long run so that locum cover is not sought as a reaction to an absence, but part of the planning process having anticipated the need.”

Julie Lund, General Manager, Haxby Group.

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