Adventurous Leadership: The Power of Curiosity and Insights

Success – it’s all in the detail

Adventurous Leadership: The Power of Curiosity and Insights

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, here at JFA, we advocate ‘curiosity’ as a key quality that stands out as […]

Adventurous Leadership Retreat – Iceland

Discover the extraordinary power within you and your Senior Leadership Team, and unlock your full potential as visionary leaders to […]

Adventurous Leadership: being the emotionally intelligent supporter

Over the years, emotional intelligence has evolved into a must have skill for any successful leader. Research has shown that […]

Organisational Position does not excuse anyone from learning!

So, you’ve made it to the position of chief executive, director, partner, or other executive leadership role. You’ve worked hard […]

Outside Thinking: The Benefits to Strategic Thinking, Problem Solving and Learning

The physical and mental health benefits of being outside in nature are well documented  –  reduced levels of stress and […]

Why a lack of investment in leadership development will cost you dearly!

Why a lack of investment in Leadership Learning and Development will cost a company dearly. Continuous learning for people leading […]

Adventurous Leadership Programme – The Northumberland Retreat – March 2023

Here at JFA we’re delighted to launch the dates for our Northumberland Adventurous Leadership Retreat! Watch the video to discover […]

Adventurous Leadership: benefitting your leadership by experiencing nature

Why leaders need to be nurtured by nature! Great leaders know they’re only as good as their teams. They prioritise the […]

Adventurous Leadership: being the inspiring communicator

Exploring the need for successful leaders of change to be inspiring communicators, leading others effectively, like adventurers do. There’s a […]

Adventurous Leadership: being the resilient, every-day learner

Exploring the need for effective leaders of change to be resilient and every-day learners, like adventurers are. Change is constant. […]

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