John Tattersall

John Tattersal, Associate, Jane Fisher Associates, Managing Change, Leadership & Quality Consultants

An experienced executive coach, mentor and facilitator, John works with Senior Leaders to help them meet specific goals, increase choices and develop their careers leading to sustainable behavioural change.

What John does best

Uses innovative Values & Anti-Values as the basis of understanding what is most important and helpful to you throughout your coaching journey.

I can…

Give organisations a deeper understanding of the issues they face and creates a culture of mutual and organisational learning to deliver change. Using robust, world-class coaching models and frameworks, I introduce novel ways of approaching challenges. Increasing their choices and helping them reach their goals.

I am…

An executive coach, mentor and facilitator working with Senior Leaders helping them meet specific goals, increase choices, developing their careers leading to sustainable behavioural change.

I have…

A curious nature and believe it is important to ask incisive questions, taking time to truly listen.

I offer…

Situational coaching with strong communication throughout our assignment.

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